April 15th – Lansing, Michigan Tea Party. Why?

For pictures from the 15th Tea Party click here.

April 15, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Michigan State Capitol
100 N Capitol Ave, Lansing

What is being protested on April 15th? Here’s my answer: People are waking up to the consequences of statist social engineering and the resulting erosion of the rule of law. I’m particularly fed up with the assault on 1st Amendment protections of political speech, the continuing attempt to parse the plain meaning of the 2nd Amendment into meaninglessness and the practiced, willfull ignorance of the 9th and 10th Amendments. YMMV

I am tired of the resulting metastasis of the general government. I’m furious about the elite cadre of entrenched looters, in government and among its corporatist fellow travelers, who steal the fruits of our labor and then use the spoils to chip away at our liberty. It must stop.

This is not a partisan protest. Republicans and Democrats are both culpable. If Tea Parties represent a nascent revolution, they do so in a bipartisan manner that neither the current “great uniter” nor the previous one could grasp.

It’s time to end the recycling of the tiresome “progressive” ideas of Woodrow Wilson, et. al., that call the Constitution passé.

See you at the Tea Party. Your grandchildren’s freedom and prosperity are on the line.

Rumors are afloat that some far-left organizations plan to “infiltrate” Tea Parties on April 15th. They would pretend to support the protest. Therefore, if you are asked to sign anything at the rally be certain to read the entire document. That’s just Common Sense. It wouldn’t hurt to get the name and address, and a picture of anyone asking for your signature.

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6 thoughts on “April 15th – Lansing, Michigan Tea Party. Why?”

  1. This nothing but a partisan political rally organized by a pair of rightwing DC-lobbying groups. Republican elected officials will be joined by fringe groups like white supremacist groups and militia groups. What it isn’t is a “tea party.”

  2. Yep, there will be no one there but the Nazis and Timothy McVeigh clones. Meanwhile, Lansing and DC bureaucrats seek ever more creative ways of controlling the masses through legislation, taxation and regulation. It really is too bad that to show up in Lansing to protest on Wednesday is tantamount to admitting one’s fascist leanings, and this while all my hooded sheets are in the wash!The only proper way to protest, I suppose, is to stay home and do my best sheep impersonation. Idiot.

  3. @Rougman: I can see how you might think that “communication guru” is an idiot. He expresses no ideas and frequently resorts to name-calling. But perhaps he is just one of the Looters, acting in his own self interest. Admittedly, he is a little crude in how he goes about it. But he just wants to take more of your hard earned money to enrich himself.-Lady Astor

  4. As well known hard-left blogger Jane Hamsher said when addressing the 14 people who rallied in Washington, DC this weekend to propose nationalization of all US banks: The Tea Parties are “financed by Fox News” and by “people on the conservative end who are just pissed off that they’re not the ones stealing right now.” Video here Liberal Tea Party: Epic FailMs Hamsher is apparently willing to grant the fact that what will happen on Wednesday in Lansing is, in fact, a “Tea Party.” Probably because she can see no point in denying it. For that matter, neither can I. Aside from that she appears to agree with CG’s conspiracy theory, although she does point out that it’s Liberals doing the stealing at the moment.Hamsher spoke following an organizer who claimed that turnouts in DC “[A]lways, always set the record for the lowest turnout.” Apparently the million man march was before his time.Here’s what A New Way Forward organizers say about their protest.On April 11th, 2009, the public will come out in cities across the country to express their frustration and disapproval with how our elected officials have handled the economic crisis. No one has been left unscathed; this protest is yours.I’m guessing this is what CG would define as a ‘real’ Tea Party. I note these 2 major differences to what I had been mistakenly calling a Tea Party: 1) You must say Obama hasn’t gone nearly far enough. 2) Any turnout over 20 is disqualified.IAC, we’ll see how many show up for the April 15th “not a Tea Party” in DC. Then we can see the true power of Fox News vs the combined might of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, NBC and the DNC.I look forward to CG’s application of his vaunted crowd estimation expertise on Wednesday, so we’ll know exactly how many white-power losers and gun-clinging militia members show up. I’m guessing twice whatever he estimates as the total turnout.My other thought on all this is that George Soros, MoveOn and ACORN apparently didn’t get the memo about April 11th. From the video, Code Pink apparently did, but I guess most of them were busy.

  5. “This nothing but a partisan political rally organized by a pair of rightwing DC-lobbying groups. Republican elected officials will be joined by fringe groups like white supremacist groups and militia groups. What it isn’t is a “tea party.””Two comments:1) Ooohhh, I’m scared. White supremacists and militia groups? They don’t scare me. What scares me is the ruthless taxation of the hardworking citizens of this country, especially those who were sold a false bill of goods last fall and have come to realize how deeply they were deceived. What scares me is the disregard, nay, the contempt with which the current administration treats the Constitution of the United States. 2) It seems that I’ve seen this exact language before. In all its apperances, I’ve yet to see you identify the two right-wing DC lobbying groups. Care to start now?