An Earth Hour followup

I would have included a link to this in my March 28th post if I had known about it then.

The Real Meaning of Earth Hour

…Politicians and environmentalists, including those behind Earth Hour, are not calling on people just to change a few light bulbs, they are calling for a truly massive reduction in carbon emissions–as much as 80 percent below 1990 levels. Because our energy is overwhelmingly carbon-based (fossil fuels provide more than 80 percent of world energy), and because the claims of abundant “green energy” from breezes and sunbeams are a myth–this necessarily means a massive reduction in our energy use.

People don’t have a clear view of what this would mean in practice. We, in the industrialized world, take our abundant energy for granted and don’t consider just how much we benefit from its use in every minute of every day. Driving our cars to work and school, sitting in our lighted, heated homes and offices, powering our computers and countless other labor-saving appliances, we count on the indispensable values that industrial energy makes possible: hospitals and grocery stores, factories and farms, international travel and global telecommunications. It is hard for us to project the degree of sacrifice and harm that proposed climate policies would force upon us.

Read the whole thing.

We are intended to feel guilty because we are not starving in flimsy huts, because there are some humans who think the Earth contains too many human beings for the comfort of spotted owls, because WE are causing global warming climate change. I wonder how the people actually starving in flimsy huts feel about the Western environmentalists’ insistence that they continue to starve in those huts?

It is vital that when you support the environment you do not support these promoters of poverty, misery and death.