Saved At last!

Yesterday, President Obama assured us that the economic Catastrophe™! he thought we faced, just a month ago, is over: Obama: Economic crisis ‘not as bad as we think’

It’s not as bad as he thought, nor even as bad as he told us to think it was. This is good news from someone who’s been instrumental in the public perception of another Great Depression. It must be that the trillion dollar Porkulus bill, written by Nancy Pelosi, and passed immediately without anyone in Congress actually knowing what was in it, turned the trick in just a month. Now that the President has been able to assemble an extended spending strategy based on a $1.75 trillion deficit “budget” in the first year of his “administration,” we’re good.

The POTUS settles comfortably into socializing health care, raising taxes on small business, reducing charitable contributions and imposing an economy killing tax increase through a carbon cap-and-trade system the EU has proved doesn’t work. Everything is looking a lot rosier than when he was panicking a month ago – or at least feigning panic in order to secure that “budget” opportunity.

Obama is also solidly behind denying workers the right to a secret ballot because that will provide significant benefits to labor union leaders (there will actually be fewer workers). Union driven cost increases to business, small and large, is another Pretty Pony on Obama’s horizon.

So, here is at least one instance where The One is wrong. The things that would have worked themselves out are not going to be allowed to. The more of his agenda that succeeds, the more all of us will fail; especially including the temporary beneficiaries. The Veep gave an example of this to open the meeting:

Vice President Joe Biden opened the meeting by warning state officials that if they misuse [?] money from the stimulus package, they should not expect more help from the federal government for a long time.

“If we don’t get this right, folks, this is the end of the ability to convince Congress that anything should go to the states,” Biden said.

Joe Biden is the guy who predicted a 30% chance of failure no matter what they did. I guess that’s because, left to their own devices, the states might not invest enough in tattoo removal or the protection of small rodents.