G. O. P.

Gracious Obama Pals

Michael Steele disses Rush Limbaugh when pressed by comedian D.L. Hughley.

Big mistake. Right out of McCain’s and Obama’s playbook. WTFWHT?

As long national GOP leaders are so frightened by their own purported principles, and make no mistake those are precisely the principles Rush advocated, as to abandon them in the face of clowns, I will not again vote for one. If they want to espouse some sort of socialism-lite, then they should do so and stop pretending they have some connection with Reagan, Goldwater, Coolidge or classical liberalism in general.

Michael Steele. Disgusting, pandering, out of touch. Incendiary and ugly.

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  1. Michael Steele has now been exposed. He is just another inside the Beltway phoney conservative of the John McCain ilk. I am so disappointed to be disabused of my former high regard for him.As for Rush not being the leader of the GOP: Why would he want to be?Rush a leader, but not the leader. He leads those who share the ideals of the founders and of classical liberals. Sadly that has little to do with today’s Republican Party.

  2. I must disagree here with both the blog and the response. When a person takes over an organization, especially in the early days, he/she tends to flaunt that new found leadership. Michael Steele is a Conservative. He went a little off the path there. We wanted him when he was Lt. Governor of Maryland, and we wanted him when he ran for the Senate. Remember the backing he received when Senator Schumer released Steele’s personal information into the press. Being a liberal Socialist Democrat is easy. All you have to do is cry when someone tells you something sad, smile at anyone that says anything nice to you and spend other people’s money. Being a Conservative is tough. We have principles as Rush discussed in his speech. At times, people will fall from their principles. You do it, I do it, everyone that has standards occasionally falls from those standards. I believe this controversy will make Steele even stronger while still settling him down a little bit. We don’t gain when we give up on people. We do learn from adversity. I’m hoping that they soon refine their message and start concentrating on the next election. We all need to do that. Be patient. These are both fine gentlemen and fine Conservatives.

  3. Not Anonymous,I’m not sure how old you are, but I cut my teeth politically on Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign. This memory may possibly make a difference in how we view things.Goldwater was a principled man. Knowing the downside, as a Senator and presidential candidate he voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act on Constitutional grounds. This man had not a racist or bigoted bone in his body. He did have principles. Michael Steele can’t even summon sufficient principle to defend a private citizen espousing conservative principles… no wait, he can’t even bring himself not to call that person “incendiary and ugly.” A person, moreover, who specifically defended Steele in the past. What caused this lapse in principle and character? A question from a far left comedian. Even Realpolitik would cause you to wonder, “Whose votes did he think he was going to get by that betrayal?”But, back to AuH2O, arguably he made Ronald Reagan’s Presidency possible. It’s been downhill since then. By 2008 he and Reagan were both forgotten.When Did Freedom Become An Orphan?-Steve Chapman, RCP“We must, and we shall, set the tide running again in the cause of freedom. And this party, with its every action, every word, every breath, and every heartbeat, has but a single resolve, and that is freedom.” — Barry Goldwater, accepting the 1964 Republican presidential nomination…Forty-four years after Goldwater’s declaration, it’s clear that collectivism, not individualism, is the reigning creed of Republicans as well as Democrats. Individuals are not valuable and precious in their own right but as a means for those in power to achieve their grand ambitions.”I have watched the GOP spend like Democrats, give birth to the largest entitlement in US history (Medicare drugs), cynically allow restrictions on freedom of speech in the expectation the Supreme Court would do their job, and generally forget their principles time and time again. Steele is just another example, so it’s not just him I’m railing at.When you can’t tell the GOP from Democrats, which is to say whenever they’ve been in power since Reagan, it’s time for them to put up or get out. Should the party collapse we will not be much worse off than we are, and will have the prospect of improvement without the Michael Steeles and John McCains warping the very meaning of conservatism.Are they better than Obama? Yes. So is George McGovern, he at least opposes card check.I have cataloged my litany of objections in this blog and I can refer you to a somewhat less than concise summary here: With friends like John, who needs Bob DoleI consider myself a classical liberal, in today’s terms a right-libertarian. I have no use for the GOP unless they follow similar principles. What Steele did was to abandon principle from fear of alienating voters. Unfortunately, voters can smell the fear. It smells exactly like lack of principle.I’ll leave you with this quote from Patrick Poole at Pajamas Media, Was CPAC an Epic Fail?“…Ever since George H.W. Bush violated his no new taxes pledge and announced the appointment of David Souter to the Supreme Court, the conservative movement has been the victim of nearly two decades of serial gang rape by the Republican Party and its leadership (George H.W. Bush, Trent Lott, Bob Dole, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Denny Hastert, George W. Bush, et al.).Tying our fortunes to the Republican Party is the worst mistake that conservatives have made during the past half-century. Our salvation does not reside with the GOP, but by distancing ourselves from it. Many of this year’s CPAC speakers are the very architects of our political exile. Rather than coming to us in sackcloth and ashes for their total failure of leadership, they came with red meat one-liners intended to distract the crowd.”I hope you are right and that Steele, et. al. will recover to some happy end. I am glad the GOP mostly opposed Porkulus. I do not think this was an act of principle, however, that could not have been equally well executed by a swarm of sea cucumbers. Moreover, it was the GOP that ultimately enabled passage.

  4. Steele Came right out tried to correct without seeming like he was groveling. Good start. Then, this morning try as Matt Lauer might he couldn’t get Steele to go there again. Well done Steele.This all is a result of the divisive tactics the left uses. As not annonymous alludes we have smaller differences and we fall apart sometimes. I have also made a bit of analysis as well.Ultimately, as Steele recognized, and as many other Republicans must know, there has hardly been a truer representative of conservative thought than Rush, and his voice is a strong one.

  5. Hershblogger, Thank you for your response. After so much time on that liberal blog (I’ll refrain from mentioning the name because you’re careful not to as well), it’s refreshing to have a difference of opinion without being called a name that is four letters long. Goldwater was just a few years before my time. Not many, but a few. From what you said about Goldwater and the civil rights vote, I’m only going to say that while I demand perfection from the leaders that I choose, I understand that they are less than perfect and won’t do it exactly right (in my eyes) each time. I’m going to disagree with you slightly on two other things. First, Reagan has been forgotten by elected Republicans since George H.W. Bush lost to Clinton. I think they get it in their heads that when they lose, they must conform to what the Washington liberals (press and the Socialist Democrats) wants because the people voted against them. Bush 41 was not conservative. The race was close in 92, and could have been even closer if not for Perot. Bush is likely to have won his second term. But he didn’t and that’s when the Republican Party started to back away from Reagan. Gingrich did bring them back with his revolution in 94. The Contract with America was a genius move and what was even better is that they honored it. Unfortunately, they didn’t do anything since they finished that contract. Bush 43 was more conservative than his dad, but not as conservative as Reagan. I will give Bush 43 credit for two things. The response after 9/11 and he didn’t raise taxes after reducing them twice. However, he didn’t veto the spending his party passed in Congress and he should have. He also abandoned the free market system with the TARP plan in September. The second thing I’m going to disagree with you on is your assertion that we shouldn’t be tied to the Republican party. We have no choice. There are two parties. The Socialist Democrats or the Republicans. Libertarians aren’t strong enough. We are a two party system and I don’t see that changing in my lifetime unless the Republican party dies, which I doubt will happen. I would love it if there was a Conservative Party, but there isn’t. Just the two. So I try to work within the party and advance the Conservative ideals in my small sphere. Bob Dole was not a conservative, but he was not as liberal as Clinton. So I held my nose and voted for Dole. John McCain is not and was not conservative. But Obama was the most liberal in the Senate. So I held my nose and voted for McCain. As tempted as I was to not vote, I had to vote for McCain (or maybe better stated as voting against Obama), because the alternative wasn’t an alternative. Although, with Palin on the ticket, it did make the vote more important. We really have no choice but to work within the Republican party. To try to start another or to depend on the Libertarians to get their act together would take too long and this country would have already gone the path of the Roman Empire. We’re in danger of being a dying nation as we know it now. I’d rather try to correct it by holding the Republicans feet to the fire and getting Conservatives elected. Steele is working to correct his mistakes of the past few days. I hope he succeeds. He’d be smart to go in his office and start delegating people to go out rather than putting himself out there. But, he has to be out there until this blows by.