Echo Chamber

From the supine:
Yesterday the House of Representatives went belly up to the roaring echoes of their own populist rhetoric, reaching into the totalitarian playbook to pass a bill that is almost certainly unconstitutional. They decided to steal claw back one-tenth of one percent ($165M) of the money they have given to AIG ($173B). They voted for those bonuses – by approving a $787 billion bill without reading it – before they voted against them. They panicked in both votes. Remember this the next time anyone uses the word “deliberative” in connection with the general government.

…to the ridiculous:
Today we find out that the 25 DVD movies Our President gave to UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown have a North American region code, and won’t work on a UK DVD player. I’m guessing this gift cost the taxpayers maybe $75 on sale at Amazon. Cost – trivial, (though a lot for low-end coasters). Embarrassment – not so much for Obama, excruciating for most of us.

This wide ranging demonstration of competence comes a couple weeks after Our President unveiled a budget he said would increase spending by over $1 trillion dollars in the next decade and double the publicly held national debt to $15 trillion.

Two major components of the increases are further nationalization of health care and a carbon “cap-and-trade” auction. The budget projects the cost of these projects at ~$634 billion and ~$650 billion, respectively. The cap-and-trade system is essentially a government license to emit carbon dioxide and is counted in the budget as “revenue,” known outside the beltway as a “tax.” A similar system has already failed in Europe, even when the initial licenses were given away.

Since the budget announcement, White House aides have acknowledged that rather than $650 billion, the new energy tax is actually likely to increase energy costs by $1.3 to $1.9 trillion.

Since the amount assigned to “universal health care” is less than 3 percent of annual US spending on medical care, the number is, shall we say, optimistic. The White House acknowledges this, but can’t say what the real cost would be.

Let me fix that for them, the estimate of increased spending seems to be low by a factor of at least 3.

No worries, though, Our President has figured out how to cut $2 trillion from spending in other areas. For example, He announced that He will save what we would have spent if we maintained forces, at current levels, in Iraq through 2019. This is like when you consider buying a new Ferrari, but decide you have to get along with your 2 year old Cobalt instead: You’ve saved a couple hundred thousand. If you decide to do that every year for a decade, you’ve saved a cool $2 million. Put that in the bank (no more than $250,000 per bank, though). This is such a good idea I can’t figure out why he didn’t project us in Iraq until 2030. It would have saved even more. Oh, right, He has promised we’ll be out, mostly, by 2010. OK, so instead, why not decide NOT to establish a colony on Mars by 2015?

Not quite satisfied with this sleight of tongue, Our President went on to add insult to usury by criticizing the financial honesty of Tim Geithner Charlie Rangel Chris Dodd Bill Richardson Tom Daschle Franklin Raines Barney Frank the previous administration.

Denouncing what he called the “dishonest accounting” of recent federal budgets, Obama unveiled his own $3.6 trillion blueprint for next year, a bold proposal that would transfer wealth from rich taxpayers to the middle class and the poor.

It’s all that.

Aside from the obvious, that these people couldn’t be trusted to run one of those 7-11’s Joe Biden used to frequent, what can we take away from the recent performance of our national legislative and executive branches? Perhaps that they’ve demonstrated they are too venal, panic prone and stupid to be trusted managing either the health care system or energy policy?

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  1. You (government) talk about the greedy. It’s big government that’s greedy. Stop the taxing and spending NOW! It’s my money! I know better how to spend it!