Community Organizing for the rest of us

Tomorrow you may find yourself accosted by someone who wants you to sign a pledge:

  • I support President Obama’s bold approach for renewing America’s economy
  • I will ask friends, family, and neighbors to pledge their support for this plan

You may be told this loyalty oath is simply a non-partisan effort to organize a community of hope for the President to succee
d. In fact, it’s a project of the Democratic National Committee and the Obama Permanent Campaign; as seen on late night TV.

I don’t know if there is an official counter-pledge site, so consider this:

  • I wish success to the ideals of free minds and free markets, therefore:
  • I do not wish the President success in moving our country away from those ideals.
  • I will resist the Obama Administration’s attempt to nationalize any part of the economy and especially health care, energy supply and education.
  • I will make every effort to attend public protests against both political parties’ continuing lack of respect for limited government.
  • I will ask friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances and strangers to join me.

Print out a copy if you’ll be out and about tomorrow, and ask any ACORN types who accost you to sign your pledge.