"A word means what I choose it to mean…"

I have commented previously on how Stephen Pinker’s euphemism treadmill is an overused piece of equipment in the Democrat gym. First Socialist, then Liberal, and now Progressive. Etc.

But they are now beyond Pinker.

The Other Club opined last week on the dropping of “enemy combatant”. But that was merely the routine work of old hands using the old treadmill. They have been surpased and supplanted as the wordsmiths of the Obama Nation. Is it Carrolls’s Wonderland with Humpty Dumpty or Orwell’s 1984?

As reported in today’s Investor’s Business Daily, we are no longer at war. By dictum of the white house, Bush’s War on Terror (a dumb name if there ever was one), has now become a “Foreign Contingency Operation”. Honest. Now tell me, do you think Orwell’s Winston Smith did any better than this?

Or what about our Homeland Security chief. Does she take a back seat to Winston Smith? You decide. The attack on the World Trade Center was a) an attrocity, b) a terrorist act, c) “a man-caused disaster”. I prefer a); reasonable people prefer b); Janet Napolitano chooses c).