Obama Lied !!!

Do I have the number of exclamation points correct? Maybe not; as I reflect on it, they used more than three when heaping scorn upon President Bush for “lying” about WMD.

Whatever one thinks of Bush, there can be no doubt among the sentient and honest that Obama lied this morning. His approximate words were “failure to pass the stimulus package will only make a dire situation worse”.

And that my dear reader is a lie. The ‘stimulus package’ in question is, of course, a mish-mash of pork and wasteful big government. You know it, and Obama knows it. It has been well documented, including by Hershblogger in these pages. But just to repeat a couple of salient facts: At most 5% of it is for needed infrastructue. And only 1/3 or it will be spent in the next 12 months, which makes one wonder too about the sincerity of Obama’s urgent plea that Congress must get this on his desk by February 16th.

The president himself admitted yesterday that the package contains a little “waste”. Of course none of the people who speak truth to power thought to ask him to identify it, or better yet why he did not demand its removal.

Where is Helen Thomas when we need her?

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