Mr. Malaise

… goes optimistic.

Now that President Obama is setting new standards for depressing confidence in the economy and priming the inflation pump to a degree unprecedented, Dhimmi Carter goes all positive on us:

”There is no comparison to the Great Depression and where we are now,” he said. “The Great Depression was much more severe. Right now, we have 7 percent unemployment. In the Great Depression, it was four times that. Back then, there was no money.”

He also said that economists and government officials have learned the lessons of the Great Depression and are now more able to deal with similar crises.

And he expressed confidence in President Barack Obama’s stimulus plan, but said he expected the economy to get worse before it gets better.

Mr. Malaise is actually more optimistic about the economy than President Obama. It wasn’t always so. Carter, 1979:

“We must face the fact that the energy shortage is permanent,” he said in one televised address. Then in 1979 Carter disappeared into seclusion at Camp David to reconceptualize his presidency. Meeting with one group of advisors he lamented, “I think it’s inevitable that there will be a lower standard of living than what everybody had always anticipated. The only trend is downward. But it’s impossible to get people to face up to this.”

Perhaps Carter can’t remember 1979, or maybe he sees his record as most pessimistic President being threatened by a hopeandchange reverse finesse. He could have said last Thursday, “Not only are things not nearly as bad as during the Depression, they don’t even approach our woes of 1979 when I called on people to abandon hope. This new guy spreading doom and gloom is a piker. By 1980 I had 7.5% unemployment rate, but I’d also gotten inflation up to 13.5%. Let’s see Obama match that.” Unfortunately, I think this challenge will not go unanswered.

I don’t know which is worse, Obama’s one-upping Carter on malaise by running around the country in permanent campaign mode invoking fear and uncertainty, or Carter’s assurance that things will get better because of ObamaBucks.

Carter’s idea of “[F]ac[ing] up to this,” now covers putting people to work hand-feeding $30 million in C-notes to salt marsh harvest mice living in Nancy Pelosi’s district. Carter must feel a certain vindication that those ignorant people have to get down on all fours to “face up” to tiny rodents, since when not otherwise engaged in giving group hugs to gangs of weasels like Hamas, Carter has been a leading American expert in sucking up to such jumbo rodents as Yasser Arafat, Hugo Chavez, Bashar Al-Assad, and Kim Jong Il.

Carter has reaffirmed his confidence in government. He’s never had any in the American people. Carter’s optimism is a worse portent than Obama’s fearmongering.

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  1. You can call it fearmongering. I call it ruthless pursuit of his own self interest. The president has a predominant goal of re-election, along with the related goals of maintaining control of Congress and high poll ratings.In pursuit of such he sets the expectations low, blaming everything on 8 years of the Bush-monkey. Thus he avoids any responsibility for bad times and gets credit for good times. You wanted him America. You got him, and you deserve him.