Failed Propagandists of the Religion of Peace

Failed feminist, aka NOW, comment MIA.

American Cable TV Muslim Channel Founder Beheads Wife

Bridges TV founder and Chief Executive Muzzammil Hassan founded the TV network in 2004. According to a Reuters story at that time, “his wife came up with the idea in December 2001 while listening to the radio on a road trip.”:

“Some derogatory comments were being made about Muslims that offended her,” Hassan told Reuters ahead of Tuesday’s launch. “She was seven months pregnant, and she thought she didn’t want her kids growing up in this environment.”

So he founded Bridges TV to combat negative perceptions of Muslims.

But now that he has beheaded his wife, I’m afraid this prominent moderate Muslim will only be feeding those negative perceptions.

Ya think? I’m pretty sure Hassan’s children will grow up in a ‘different’ environment now.

Original story here: Prominent Orchard Park man charged with beheading his wife