Defending the Census

Governor Richardson wasn’t up to it integrity-wise, and now Senator Judd Gregg refuses Commerce. Thank you, Judd. This will make it a little harder for Rahm to abscond with the census. I hope you change your mind about running in 2010.

PS, I don’t believe your decision wasn’t because of the census. It’s collegial, I suppose, to say politicizing the major function of the Commerce Department wasn’t the reason, but I suspect otherwise. At the Wall Street Journal, John Fund has some good reading on this issue.

Since none of the extreme partisanship Obama has practiced lately, from letting Nancy Pelosi write the stimulus bill to his “I won” comment has seemed to tarnish his Oneness’ bipartisan rep, this will probably be blamed on Republicans and not on Obama’s plan to seize a duty Constitutionally assigned to Commerce. So be it. Just because the Chicago Way has come to the Belt Way we do not all have to be dragged into Blago’s orbit.

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