Coming soon to a health care rationing committee near you

‘Too Old’ for Hip Surgery

President Obama and Congressional Democrats are inching the U.S. toward government-run health insurance. Last week’s expansion of Schip — the State Children’s Health Insurance Program — is a first step. Before proceeding further, here’s a suggestion: Look at Canada’s experience.

PRUDEN: Prescription for medical malpractice

But the nastiest surprises are not likely to be the failure of the bailout legislation to work, but the way some of it will work only too well. The surprises won’t be the Bridges to Nowhere, but the bridges to places no one wants to go.

Nastiest of all will be the health care catastrophe hidden in the thousands of pages of this legislation, the work of Tom Daschle, who was almost secretary of Health and Human Services before he was sent back to K Street to work on his tax returns.

The health rules set out in the bailout legislation will, as the bill boasts, affect “every individual in the United States.” There will be no escaping the consequences of turning life-and-death health care decisions over to officious bureaucrats. (Members of Congress will get their usual special privileges.) If you think dealing with insurances companies is as awful as it can get, you’ll be surprised.

Read them both in their entirety. Socialized medicine has just taken a big leap in the United States.

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