Big words, big lies

Last night, the President told us there are no earmarks in the stimulus bill. Technically this is true, since an earmark is defined as some spending added to a bill not connected to the original purpose of the bill. In the case of the stimulus bill, however, this means merely that there is no expenditure whatsoever that can’t be connected to the bill. So, saying there are no earmarks here is a breathtakingly clever combination of tautology and disingenuity.

“No earmarks,” here, is a phrase devoid of content. Obama employed it because it allowed him to imply that there is no pork. Transparency is not, apparently, to be connected with Obama’s words.

Further treatment here.

Obama also is aware that the Congressional Budget Office says the recession will end in 2009 without the stimulus and that the stimulus will actually hurt, not help, the economy.

The President is lying in order to foment a crisis under the cover of which Democrat social programs can be implemented without debate.

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