Air Obamica?

Camille Paglia thinks that despite looking weak, unfocused and incoherent on the stimulus bill, President Obama has had a good start. And she says the stimulus screw-ups are caused by his advisers and Democrat allies, in any case. She is not impressed with the “infestation of the new appointments list by Clinton retreads and slippery tax-dodgers,” though.

The things Obama did well apparently include not being obviously embarrassed to be with military types (while Bill Clinton was) and refraining from appointing Michelle to reform health care (again in contrast to Clinton).

That this passes the Paglia test as a successful first fortnight for the Obama administration is telling, I think. At least Paglia is not likely dreaming about having sex with the President as are New York Times reporters. We do not know Paglia’s attitude toward Michelle, however.

The best bit, though, is this comment about Debbie Stabenow and her philandering husband, former Air America honcho Tom Athans:

One of the nuggets I’ve gleaned from several radio sources is that Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow, who has been in the aggressive forefront of the campaign to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, is married to Tom Athans, who works extensively with left-wing radio organizations and was once the executive vice-president of Air America, the liberal radio syndicate that, despite massive publicity from major media, has failed miserably to win a national audience. Stabenow’s outrageous conflict of interest has of course been largely ignored by the prestige press, which should have been demanding that she recuse herself from all political involvement with this issue.

What are the chances Stabenow will admit her conflict of interest?