Teachings of The Egg of Power

Barack Obama has an Egg of Power in the Oval Office, a carving made by African artisans from the Monkey Pod tree. It is associated with a proverb, the origins of which are shrouded in marketing hype. Rumor indicates the proverb to derive either from ancient African wisdom, or to have been made up from whole cloth by some failed Black Panther in the 60’s. The short version is: Wield Power With Care. Not quite Machiavelli, but given the possible sources multiplied by the marketing opportunity, what did you expect?

The lesser known Chicken Of Egg Power Laying amulet (carved in butter by Minnesotan County Fair contestants), is said to have replied “Duh!”, to this sentiment. The origin of these talismans is obscure, but as the sage Iowahawk has noted: It Takes a Proverb to Run a Village.

A lesser known saying associated with the Egg of Power is: “When looting, let your minions go secretly in the dead space of bill markup. When they are discovered, remind the marks that it is for the children. That is, it will be their children and their children’s children who will suffer beggary. The marks will happily accept it as if it were a gift without strings. Do not doubt fool! After all, you paid $295 for me!”

So, more on Stealth Care from the Wall Street Journal.

Tom Daschle is still waiting to be confirmed as secretary of health and human services, not that he’s in any rush. Democrats are already enacting his and Barack Obama’s agenda of government-run health care — entirely on the QT.

This was the real accomplishment of this week’s House vote for the $819 billion “stimulus,” and is the overriding theme of Congress’s first month. With the nation occupied with the financial crisis, and with that crisis providing cover, Democrats have been passing provision after provision to nationalize health care.

If Democrats learned anything from the HillaryCare defeat, it was the danger of admitting to their wish to federalize the health market. Since returning to power, they’ve pursued a new strategy: to stealthily and incrementally expand government control. “What no one is paying attention to in the [stimulus],” says Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, “is that Democrats are making a big grab at the health-care sector.”