Mohammed al-Kahtani

In August 2001, Mohammed al-Kahtani flew from Dubai to Orlando, Florida. On the same day Mohammed Atta drove to the Orlando International Airport. Atta is alleged to have intended to pick up al-Kahtani, but al-Kahtani was otherwise occupied. Immigration officials had already arrested him for stupidity: He had little money, did not speak English, and had arrived via a one-way ticket. His stories about his visit were inconsistent. Kahtani was deported to Dubai. From there he made his way to Afghanistan and was arrested again after 9/11. He became captive 625 at Guantanamo Bay.

Susan Crawford, the person in charge of determining whether to bring Guantanamo Bay detainees to trial, refused to refer the case for prosecution. In doing so, she did say this about him:

“There’s no doubt in my mind he would’ve been on one of those planes had he gained access to the country in August 2001,” Crawford said of Qahtani, who remains detained at Guantanamo. “He’s a muscle hijacker. . . . He’s a very dangerous man. What do you do with him now if you don’t charge him and try him? I would be hesitant to say, ‘Let him go.'”

I don’t get it. She’s just kicked it to Obama to figure out how to sentence this guy to life-detainment? He’s having enough trouble figuring out how to keep his promise to close Gitmo.

Two observations on Crawford’s decision:

Rachel Lucas
So were they pulling out his fingernails while calling his mother a whore?

Paul Mirengoff
Was it or wasn’t it; and does it matter?

Worth reading both in full.