Abraham, Martin and John

I’ve listened, in passing, to only about 10 minutes of pre-inauguration coverage, but that includes exposure to about 8 different “stories.” Every one of them compared Barack Obama to Abraham Lincoln. Here‘s a good example of the parallels being drawn: Skinny, tall and from Illinois. Lawyers. Cool temperaments. Good debaters? [Not so much in Obama’s case] Wonderful senses of humor. Yadda, yadda lots of speculation about Obama’s psyche being the same as Lincoln’s. Fiscal crisis, health pandemics, specter of nuclear war and terrorism are equated with the challenge of the Civil War. Obama’s being presented as a combination of Lincoln, King and Kennedy.

Please. STOP. Can we wait until Obama has actually DONE SOMETHING even remotely PRESIDENTIAL?

I suppose there is a comparison to Clinton here: Obama has sold the TV networks exclusive access to inaugural events for $5 million. Bill, the piker, only sold access to the Lincoln bedroom.

I also recall that the $40 million dollar cost of George Bush’s inaugural in 2005 was roundly criticized as inappropriate in Time Of War.

Well, we’re still at war and we’re in the middle of a financial Armageddon according to statists of every partisan stripe. Where, then, is the outrage at the $150+ million dollars being spent on Obama’s inaugural party?

Not hearing any, I guess I’ll just have to go with the flow. So, I’m offering signed copies of this historic special inauguration post for the low price of 99 cents, plus $16.95 shipping and handling.

Own a hand signed piece of history more portable and less fragile than a plate.