Who, then, is Pangloss?

If Voltaire wrote Candide today, he would have to title it Barack.

Obama is a Chicago politician who was willing to befriend Tony Rezko for political advantage and, for his trouble, also gained a bit of extra land next to his house. He was close with Michael Pfleger, William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright for political purposes. His initial sponsor was Alice J. Palmer, an Illinois State Senator who wrote about the wonderful time she had at the 27th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Obama directed funds to the educational projects of Michael Klonsky, former head of the Chinese wing of the Communist Party in the United States. He worked to promote ACORN’s agenda because it got him political contacts.

None of this proves anything about Barack Obama and corruption, except maybe he can’t recognize it when he’s swimming through it.

Still, Obama’s soon to be senior White House Advisor, David Axelrod, felt he had to recant saying that Obama had talked directly with soon to be felon Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich about a Senate appointment involving Obama’s vacant seat. Blagojevich was selling it. As a former campaign consultant to Blagojevich, it is likely Axelrod knew whereof he spoke.

The recantation is strange, and seemingly unnecessary, because it would be perfectly natural for a President elect to discuss a Senate appointment with a Governor from his own State and party. But absolutely nothing can be allowed to sully “the one.”

This is his glaring weakness. It’s not that Barack is committedly corrupt like Hot Rod, it’s that he lacks a moral compass to manage his potentially fatal narcissism, and his sole virtue is that he is perfect. A thing of Greek tragedy.