UN fritters, Indian Muslims make a statement

Days before the Mumbai massacre, UN voted to disassociate Islam from terrorism

Just days before the Mumbai attack, a United Nations Committee passed a resolution entitled “Combating Defamation of Religions”, which will be going to the General Assembly for approval in mid-December. It is one in a series of such resolutions pushed by the Organization of Islamic Conference. While ostensibly applying to all religions, it refers only to Islam by name. The text “expresses deep concern … that Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism.”

Of course. When what is actually needed is to have “Religions Combat Defamation of their Faith,” the UN will vote for exactly the opposite.

Really, you guys, what we want to do is disassociate terrorists from Islam. Like these Indian Muslims in Mumbai are doing: Muslims refuse to bury militants

Indian Muslims say they do not want the gunmen killed by the security forces during the attacks in Mumbai to be buried in Muslim graveyards.

Community leaders believe the militants cannot be called Muslims because they went against the teachings of Islam and killed innocent civilians.

One leader said the militants had “defamed” the religion.

It also wouldn’t hurt if we could disassociate the Beeb (Reuters, CNN, AP, AFP, etc., etc., etc., Keith Olberman) from excusing indiscriminate murderers, vicious torturers and fanatic animals by calling them “militants,” but that’s asking even more than giving the UN a clue.

My profound thanks to Ibrahim Tai, the president of the Indian Muslim Council. His is a fine example, and by the way, one we haven’t seen matched in this country.