Tax increase passed by Michigan House

Michigan (D) raises taxes.

The House Just Voted to Increase Taxes
Dec 11, 2008 at 5:53PM

You wouldn’t think the Legislature would even consider raising taxes in this difficult economy. Guess again. As I write this, the House is passing a package of tax increases to fund roads.

Read the regressive way Michigan calculates the tax.

Check out the history of House Bill 4577.

Get ready to pay 50% more for your license plate.

H/T Jack Hoogendyk

Update: 8:00PM

Moments ago, I sent out a short letter regarding HB 4577. The original intent of the bill was to increase vehicle registration fees by 50%. Now that we are in lame duck, things can happen rather quickly. Most bills have some time to be vetted and run through the committee process. But in lame duck, that is often not the case. HB 4577 was substituted just today with new language. It did not go through committee. It is, as some describe it, a “vehicle bill.” The bill as passed, completely repeals all vehicle registration taxes.

Obviously, that cannot be the final resolution. The purpose for this action, in my opinion is to provide the vehicle for a re-write of automobile registration taxes. We also passed a bill to repeal the gasoline tax completely. My question to the savvy taxpayer is, what will come next?

Plans are already in place for replacement taxes. I am willing to bet you that it won’t be pretty.

But, to be technically accurate, the bills we passed today are actually tax decreases.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Tax increase passed by Michigan House”

  1. This is not technically a tax reduction yet, since this is a House bill, it would still need to go to the Senate, and pass there with only a few days before Sine Die.This is simple Democratic posturing, they know the Republican Senate would never pass such a tax-cut, which would set up a necessary new tax bill.My suggestion to the Senate, do not take this bill up let it die “sine die”, then when the house Dems say they gave a tax cut and the Senate failed to act on it, the Senate Republicans can rightfullyt say the House came in with to little, and did so way to late to get things passed.

  2. As the update points out.. VEHICLE bills emptied of their original legislation, and filled with usually an even more VILE type so that they do not have to meet the constitutional requirements of sitting for 5 days in each chamer before passage.Oh boy look out folks we are about to be NAILED!