We had to hang pork chops on their necks to get the dogs to play with ignore them

I think we’ve found some replacement workers for those Islamic cashiers in Minneapolis who refuse to handle bacon, ham, pork chops or pepperoni pizza. These are replacements whose hiring cannot raise a question of religious discrimination by the employer.

Five Iraqi Muslims whose religion forbids them from contact with pork were caught trying to sneak illegally into Britain – in a lorryload of ham.

…A uk [sic] Border Agency spokeswoman said: “We use heartbeat and breath detectors, sniffer dogs and visual searches to find illegal immigrants. A million lorries were searched last year”

Emphasis mine.

Dogs are unclean, too, but playing with them is not really an issue if you are a Muslim hiding in the middle of tons of pork.

Allah apparently regards deceiving infidels as much different from being employed among them.