The good news

1-This country demonstrated the ability to ignore the color of a person’s skin, even while we are abysmally misjudging the content of his character.

2-There is an opportunity for the right not to act like MoveOn, Democrat Underground or The Daily Kos.

3-We’re finally rid of the Clintons.

4-Campaign Finance is dead as we have known it.

5-Even Jesus could not satisfy all the expectations Obama has created.

6-The Democrats have to put up or shut up – but they are not smart enough to do either.

7-The Maim Scream Media™ lost all credibility, even with the uninformed.

8-To try and regain that credibility, the MSM will turn on Obama. (See 5 & 6).

9-The GOP got the thumping it so richly deserved, but the Dems didn’t get to 60 Senate seats.

10-For the first time in over 100 years, Michigan voters elected a black Republican to the House of Representatives. Michigan, in fact, elected two black Republicans – Larry DeShazor and Paul Scott.

11-Affirmative action race-based preferences ought to be dead.

12-Sarah Palin will be back.

4 thoughts on “The good news”

  1. Thanks. But as much as I needed this post, I must quibble:1. Only part of this country demonstrated that ability.2. I make it 3 to 1 that the opportunity is realized.3. Doubtful. She will still be in her sixties in 2016.4. And just what will they replace it with? Freedom? I don’t think so.5. So. Who will call him on it? Other than Rush.6. FDR put up. And look what it begat.7. Evidence please. They already had none with the intelligent and infomred. The others have caught on?8. Uh, uh, uh. That would be racism.9. Yes, the GOP got what it deserved alright. Nominating a Democrat was the climax. As for the 60 seats; it takes only 51 Senators to change the rules. And are you counting Olivia Snow, etc. among the Republicans?10. Yes.11. There is the usual chasm between ought to be and will be.12. Yes.

  2. Well, a considered response is appropriate and I did imagine many of the objections when composing the post.Though I have resumed the heavy drinking interrupted last night by the knowledge that I had an early business meeting today, I’ll attempt it.1- Do you mean ignoring the melanin or the character content? Ignoring race only applies to those not of Obama’s race, of course, but those are the people who had to ignore it or be racist. The true healing will take awhile. We’ll know this has worked when Rev. Wright sermonizes about it.2- If you mean 3 to 1 in favor, we agree. I take the pledge.3- Hillary is 60 now, so she will still be in her 60s in 2016. However, I do not expect Obama’s first term to go well enough for him to be re-elected, though he will be renominated like the Carter clone he is. So, if she runs it will be after the first term of a GOP President. I admit that means we aren’t rid of her in one sense, but even could she gain the nomination, I think she will lose. What would be her slogan, “Change back!”?4- Don’t parse too deeply. “Dead as we know it” does not mean something better would replace it. I don’t expect that. I do expect it is irrelevant and cheating will be equal. It has exposed McCain as a sanctimonious naif.5-The MSM will have to call it. See 8.6-I’m claiming the Democrats will do neither and the MSM will also feel compelled to point it out.7-Yes, polls show many more people mistrust the media after their recent performance.8-At bottom, the media are more important to themselves than is Obama.9-I’m only saying they didn’t get 60 seats. I think 58 will be enough to bust a filibuster with Snowe and Collins, but that’s less certain than with 60 Dems. Lieberman is still there.11-This, however, is something you can say that is manifestly not racist when confronted with the problem. And I did italicize “ought.”IAC, I realize you need to stretch to buy all this as good news. It’s the best I could do on short notice.

  3. Well, I repeat my thanks.We differ widely on our expectations of MSM behavior.Obama will be re-elected.I consider it likely racist when 99% of a racial group votes for a candidate of the same race.The 60 number is moot under Democrat morality.Lieberman is in position to go down as one of the greatest Senators ever. Whether it happens is 50/50. I still recall his abysmal performance in the aftermath of Florida/2000.