Barack Obama has made much of executive experience gained in running his campaign, so when a major decision is taken, it’s his. For example, he decided to bypass normal credit card verification procedures that would help ensure the legality of contributions to his campaign. This laxity not only encourages illegal contributions, it allows robbery from people whose credit card number was used without their knowledge.

Couple Finds Unauthorized Charge on Credit Card from Obama Campaign

At least four credit card holders in Missouri have recently opened their statements and found unauthorized transactions, which charged $2,300 to the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama.

It happened to Tom Brown and his wife a couple weeks ago. They became aware of it after Discover sent them an e-mail about an unusually large purchase.

“My wife said, ‘Oh my God!’ Right away, she called Discover to cancel the card,” Brown said. “I talked to Discover about it, and they said it looks like it was keyed in from Chicago.”

Specifically, the e-mail indicated the charge came from Obama for America Chicago Illinois.

Two Missourians report unwanted credit card charges from Obama campaign

Sandy Pogones of Camdenton and Steve Larman of North Kansas City each found a $2,300 charge on their credit card bills recently for the Obama for America campaign.

Check Your Credit Cards for Fraudulent Obama Charges

CALLER: My best friend had the same thing this month, three times on her credit card.

RUSH: Your best friend had a charge of $2,300 bucks to the Obama —

CALLER: No, no, not $2,300, but she had three separate charges to the Obama campaign, and she is a staunch Republican.

RUSH: What was the total, do you recall?

CALLER: I don’t. She told me one of them was small, like $15. She said none of them were very big, but anyway, she called and immediately wanted it removed from her card, which the credit company did. The Obama campaign, she called them, and they tried to talk her into letting it stay, and she said no, I want it, and I want it before the election.

Donor Patrol: Obama’s Online Site Accepts More Fakes

There was a charge for $2,300 to the Obama for America Campaign. This was pretty shocking for Michael. He is a Republican. He is not supporting Senator Obama for President.

Well, he says he wants to spread the wealth.

Check out Obama Shrugged for updates.

PS, I noted that:

An honest, prudent person would not turn off an effective verification system and assume the costs of vetting contributions themselves unless they were convinced they could do a superior job. As we’ve seen, this ideal is unrealized.

I was naive, the increased risk of turning off verification incurs processing higher fees from the credit card companies – before any after the fact scrutiny. This decision cost Obama hundreds of thousands of dollars even before his inept vetting team went to “work.”