Attack of the Mutant Elephant

James Pethokoukis at USNews, Why McCain Goes Easy on Fannie and the CRA:

The McCain campaign is underestimating how absolutely furious conservatives are that free markets, and by extension Reaganomics and the last 25 years of American economic policy, are getting the blame for the housing and credit crisis. A real morale killer, they tell me. Over and over. Every day.


Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom:

Were McCain the “maverick” he claims to be, the first words out of his mouth in the next debate would be Frank, Dodd, Obama, Raines, Reid, Schumer, Pelosi, accounting irregularities, Enron, investigation, prosecution, government failure, and “let’s fix this mess for the long term.”

Because he’s not really a maverick, however, his first words will likely be to congratulate Obama on helping push through the bailout.

At which point he may as well speak to Obama after the debate and see if he maybe could replace Biden as Barack’s VP pick…


Goldstein again here:

Recall that my early arguments for why I wouldn’t vote for John McCain — which I went on record with at NPR — boiled down to his willingness to do the job of Democrats when it came to demonizing conservatism and playing Godhead of the nannystate.

…Time to step up, McCain. Using big business as a convenient arch criminal for every crisis is why most conservatives mistrust you. Earn your support. Otherwise know that even if you do manage to become President, you will have done so on the strength of the Anybody But Obama vote.

There’s the “Not Enough Difference to Matter, Don’t Reward Betrayal” vote to consider, too.

I still think McCain can’t make this case because he actually agrees that a free market is part of the problem. His reaction to the credit crisis is not different from McCain-Feingold suppression of the free-speech market, clamping down on steroids in baseball, federally regulating boxing, or voting for Sarbanes-Oxley, “Climate Stewardship,” the Patients Bill of Rights, and against drilling in ANWR.

Yes, his record is better than Obama’s, but there’s no telling based on the principles of limited government or free markets where McCain will jump. I think “mutant” is a better term than “maverick.”

Frankly, if we’re going to have monster sized government the Democrats have proven more adept at it, or at least predictable.

2 thoughts on “Attack of the Mutant Elephant”

  1. Yup,Let the other guys commit voter fraud, don’t fight it. Let the other guys blame you for the crisis when they had a large degree of culpability and you don’t point it out.Yup, don’t try to win it. Just be like Trent Lott when he was majority leader – leader of an ineffectual stupid party.