Two Americas

…Two quite different views of Kwame Kilpatrick’s overdue demise and inadequate punishment: Here.

“Justice has been served,” said Detroit native Terry Lewis, 42, while standing outside the courthouse watching television reporters set up. “He should have stepped down a long time ago; the city could have been moving on with other projects.” Lewis now lives in nearby Ypsilanti.

The mayor spent a night in jail in August for violating bond terms related to a charge that he shoved a sheriff’s deputy.

Michigan Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, also a Democrat, is the mayor’s mother.

“This has been a witch hunt from the start,” said Byron Frazier, 34, wearing a T-shirt with Kilpatrick’s image on it outside the courthouse. “I’ve supported the mayor from the start and will continue to support him.” Frazier is a community organizer in Detroit.

Now, there is an interesting political implication in that quote aside from Kwame’s well deserved downfall. I didn’t highlight it, but maybe you noted what Byron Frazier does to earn his daily bread. If you did, you might have started wondering what the per capita ratio of his job title in Detroit, the poorest major city in America, is to anywhere else.

The people of Detroit have been severely damaged by Kwame Kilpatrick. So has the rest of Michigan. You might say our State’s community has been disorganized by looters and vandals. Even fools, obviously excepting Byron Frazier and his ilk, can see that is true They want to keep KK around as long as he can help them. That’s also why it took until yesterday for Barack Obama to vaguely distance himself from Kilpatrick in a typical “under the bus you go” move.

Sarah Palin stood up to cronyism and corruption in Alaska when it involved her own political party and Big Oil. Do you think she could stand up to cronyism and corruption in America, including especially Detroit, better than a product of big city machine politics? Or even our own Governor, whose job it already is?

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  1. The sad part is that Kwame is still, with his conviction and reisgnation – a better mayor than Coleman Young. Another sad part is that Dennis Archer – whose record is mediocre – is the best mayor Detroit had in almost 40 years.The sad part is that anyone with any employable skills has been fleeing. It is going to get a lot worse going forward, where I think a financial manager will have to be appointed to run the place. That will be the first time that responsible people are in charge.