Outright lies

I started to note that the Obama campaign gets 3 bozos for Biden’s comment that “paying more taxes = patriotism” (1 for the first episode and 2 more for repeating it), when I became aware of the Spanish language ad the Obama campaign, the official “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this ad,” campaign is running in Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada.

I don’t think there has ever been anything this despicable coming directly from a candidate for national office. It’s not a gaffe, but a well considered, blatantly racist outrage. Barack Obama approved brazen lies when he approved this. “Bozos” seem totally inadequate now.

Obama diametrically twisted some things Rush Limbaugh said and then attempts to tie the resulting lies to John McCain. A) I thought Obama was down on guilt by association. B) If Limbaugh ever disagreed with McCain on anything it’s immigration policy. See here, here and here.

Shameful. I wonder if Univision and Telemundo will report on this?

Update: 6:30AM, 19-Sep. Here‘s Limbaugh’s response.