Exposing the Barney core after the Bourse is gone

Barney Frank, staunch defender of corporatist socialism, is lately comparing John McCain to Mighty Mouse for McCain’s attempt to “save the day.”

Barney should watch out that he isn’t compared to Pearl Pureheart. Oil Can Harry would be someone named “Reid,” who has claimed McCain caused “the wheels to fall of” the “deal.” In fact, if the Democrats require 110 GOP votes in the House, there can’t be a deal until they’ve got those votes. First, let’s hear from Barney Frank in 2003:

As Bugs would say, “What a maroon!”

Frank is mainly upset that McCain has exposed the House Democrats as the same lackeys who refused to listen to warnings from Bush in 2001 and 2003 and from McCain in 2005. The House Democrats can’t complain that they can’t suck up to the President without help from the GOP, when they ignored GOP concerns.

Doesn’t Hang Together
Jennifer Rubin – 09.26.2008 – 7:59 AM

The Democrats need to get their story straight. On one hand, it is beyond dispute at this point that Congressional Republicans were never on board. It is equally clear that the Democratic majority won’t act without the ”cover” of a substantial number of Republican votes–that is they demand that this deal not be done, in Chris Dodd’s words, ”on a three-legged stool.”

So several things follow. First, this is precisely why Hank Paulson and Harry Reid summoned John McCain–to get Republican cover for the Democrats who despite the looming crisis can’t bring themselves to govern (that is, to vote on and pass a bill which they believe is essential). Second, that is why McCain presented but did not endorse the GOP’s wish list of conservative suggestions in the White House meeting. That is how one cajoles and drags along a recalcitrant party–by allowing them to have their say. (From reports it appears that the hyper-empathetic Barack Obama attempted to corner the Republicans, not a comforting sign that he knows how to negotiate with people who are in fundamental disagreement with him.) Third, while it would be nice for the Democrats to drag more Republican votes along, it is highly unlikely that they need as a mathematical matter all 100 Republican votes they have asked for. Whether they get 50 or 100, Democrats almost certainly could pass the Paulson bill in a form acceptable both to the White House and the Senate. But they don’t want to–Chris Dodd told us that.

Rubin didn’t mention what this tells us about Nancy Pelosi’s leadership.

The leaderless House Democrats can’t even suck up to their BASE without cover from the GOP, as evidenced by the Dems similar display of moral conviction in the question of offshore drilling.

Here is more commentary on Oill Can Harry’s claims about the “deal” and McCain’s actual role: