Chauvinism sensors

An image of Barack Obama standing next to John McCain at a 9-11 memorial service flashes on the screen. I snort that I think McCain is far more credible in this scene than is Obama.

I am immediately challenged by my wife, “How can you say Obama is less concerned about the death of 3,000 Americans than McCain.” I respond by noting Obama’s claim that he would have voted against authorizing the Battle of Iraq and noting his actual vote against funding troops already in harm’s way.

This was (obviously) a non-responsive knee-jerk mistake. My wife points out that I’ve given no evidence whatever about how Obama feels about 9-11.

I acknowledge this, but insist there is greater context, “Add the facts that Obama’s pastor of 20 years said America deserved the attack, and that Obama had to hear such things twice, that we know about, before denouncing that pastor. Add also Obama’s continuing defense of his friend the terrorist bomber Bill Ayers, who “wishes he’d done more”… I think it reasonable to question how serious about attacks on the U.S. an Obama Presidency would be compared to a McCain Presidency. The context of a 9-11 memorial just makes this thought immediate. And yes, I’m questioning Obama’s patriotism if that means I think he is considering his own prospects above his country’s. Think Aaron Burr.”

There it leadenly lay.

A few minutes later, we were watching ABC News’ Charlie Gibson interview Sarah Palin. Less than 15 seconds into the interview my wife said, “He really doesn’t like her, does he?”

I knew that already. My wife didn’t even know who Gibson was. Even forewarned of his bias, however, I could not have pointed out his disdain from watching only that few seconds.

So, women are quite competent in identifying male condescension. Who knew?

I juxtapose these domestic snippets because I think it shows something about certain segments of more-than-likely voters in this election. Before McCain picked Palin we both would probably have voted third-party, but for different reasons. (I was considering a write in for Helen Keller.) Now, I’m likely to vote for Palin. I’m guessing my wife is, too.

2 thoughts on “Chauvinism sensors”

  1. I did not see the interview. My neighbor’s comment this morning supports your conclusion. She told me: “He started out by looking over his glasses at her like an angry schoolmaster disciplining an ignorant child who had not done her homework”.

  2. Yes. I did catch a couple of female callers to Glen Beck’s show this morning who were incensed with Gibson as a snotty elitist pig who could barely suppress his contempt for the ignorant female.He went through the motions and clearly indicated he didn’t care about the answers. His two “gotchas,” have also been noted. On the “plan from God,” bit he took the quote out of context straight from a discredited AP report. On th “Bush Doctrine” bit, there’s a more than reasonable assumption that Palin’s request that he state what exactly he meant was right on. His snide aside on “hubris” has attracted comment as has the “blizzard of words” attempted put-down.Check: the left gets it