State sponsorship, State ownership

Last Monday, in Suing the State, I pointed out that the state had paid Andrea and Daniel Kelly to have 10 children. They’re the Philidelphia “parents” who starved to death their 14 year old daughter.

Here are some related statistics from Carpe Diem:

Birth Rate 3X Higher for Women Receiving Welfare

The 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) gave states greater flexibility to formulate and implement initiatives to reduce welfare dependency and encourage employment for members of low-income families with children. For the nation, in 2006, 10 years after passage of the Act, the birth rate for women 15 to 50 years old receiving public assistance income in the last 12 months was 155 births per 1,000 women, about three times the rate for women not receiving public assistance (53 births per 1,000 women).

As I said, State sponsored breeding. It’s a contract in and of itself.