Gassical lass

Classical Ass

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think natural gas is a fossil fuel. It’s

…cheap, abundant and clean compared to fossil fuels

[and she believes] in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels.

[and we have so much of it, home heating should be free] …the supply of natural gas is so big, and you do need a transition if you’re going to go from fossil fuels, as you say, you can’t do it overnight, but you must transition. These investments in wind, in solar and biofuels and focus on natural gas, these are the real alternatives.

She doesn’t think we have to drill to get it either.

MR. BROKAW: Sounds like we’re going to have offshore drilling.

REP. PELOSI: No, no, no.

So, she must think, because natural gas is mostly methane, that we get it from land fills or maybe…Update: 8:02PM 27-Aug This is what Nancy won’t allow a vote on, “No, no, no.”

Look at natural gas. In 1982, Congress banned offshore drilling in virtually all U.S. waters. In addition to limiting our ability to produce more oil, that put at least 76 trillion cu. ft. of potentially recoverable natural gas off-limits.