Three things

1- If you’ve read Michael Yon’s Moment of Truth in Iraq (and you should) you will probably take the following with caution. Security in Mosul is a big problem. It is Al-Qaeda’s last redoubt, however.

In Mosul, Al-Qaeda’s last redoubt, the group still held sway as recently as Easter. Now it lacks the strength to fight the army face to face and has lost the sympathy of most of the ordinary citizens who once admired its stand against the occupying forces and their allies in the Iraqi army.

If accurate, this is fantastic. “The surge” will have accomplished something almost unbelievable. Furthermore, this story is yet another you can’t find in the US Maim Scream Media™. RTWT

See Iraqis lead final purge of Al-Qaeda from the same source. Also, Fox news tonight had a reporter claim Al-Qaeda fighters in Mosul are down to 1,200 from 12,000. Maybe the defeat of Al-Qaeda in Mosul has happened. If so, and if we keep a presence there, Al-Qaeda is done in Iraq.

2- Apropos of last Wednesday’s comments on feminism and 14th Century cultures, here’s another way to look at Islamic feminism. With tongue firmly in cheek, TOC commented on this burgeoning phenomenon in January 2006: The Islamofeminist Chronicles.

Here’s a reality update from Dearborn Underground:

What I’m wondering is whether or not the women are extremists because they want to blow themselves up as Al-Qaida terrorists, or if they’re extremists because they’re feminists who see gender equality as achievable through self-detonation along with all those lucky men.

We can hope it is the latter. The matriarchs of martyrdom: Islamofeminism’s gentle side. RTWT

3- Obama’s position pivots have become so nuanced that no one can any longer be sure what principles he stands for, if any. He has espoused diametrically opposed views of the right to bear arms, campaign finance “reform,” flag pins as a patriotic gesture, unconditional talks with heads of terrorist states – and he’s inching away from his absolute guarantee to cut and run in Iraq by some date certain.

This latest example regards late term abortion regulation:

So as long as a woman can get her “blues” classified by a medical health professional as “depression,” she has a right to a late term abortion no matter how strongly the majority of citizens feel about the immorality of destroying a fully viable human entity? And that’s rigorous?

Incredible. That would be incredible even without the prior inconsistent statement.

Really. Does he think we are idiots?

Of course he does. Either that, or he’s one. RTWT

Note: When you are exposed to Obama’s extemporaneous word-smithing (see link immediately above) his dependence on teleprompters comes through loud and clear. This guy can’t string 2 sentences together without a prepared text.

Whatever your personal take on the issues mentioned above, you can’t possibly believe Barack Obama can be trusted.

Update 9:50PM, 6-Jul Link added – “inching away”