The Smugly American

Obama Snickers At His Countrymen

Barack Obama made a fool of himself again yesterday. At a campaign event in Georgia, he mocked Americans as ignoramuses who go abroad and can’t say anything in French except “merci beaucoup.” (Obama doesn’t speak French.) He said that rather than worrying about immigrants learning English, we must all teach our children to speak Spanish. (Obama doesn’t speak Spanish, either.)

Video at the link above. Hear the europhilic xenophiles cling to the superiority complex of the messiah, from whence they bask in the reflected glory of disdain.

Hee, hee, Barack, that’s amusing. You’re such a superior guy, please help with the following:

How you say, in Francais, “Wearing an American flag pin would be gay.”?

How is it go, in Español, “Welcome to free médico.”?

Inquiring gun-clingers minds want to know. Have your staff look it up.

Have them work on “vete a tomar por culo” and “va te faire foutre enculer d’merde” while they’re at it.