Little Brother is watching you. Courtesy of…

Flint seeks sponsors for police surveillance cameras; some question whether it’s appropriate

The program is known as “Adopt-A-PODSS.” That’s short for Portable Overt Digital Surveillance System.

So, I was struck with the idea of “The Other Club Public Service” cam with the URL in smaller type below.

OTOH, I don’t necessarily subscribe to the idea that any publicity is good publicity.

Maybe we could lease one on behalf of George Soros or, better yet, Michael Moore.

FLINT, Michigan — Willing to spend $30,000 to put your name on a camera?

The City of Flint is looking for sponsors for surveillance cameras that will be mounted around the city to keep a watch out for crooks.

In exchange for cash, the city will plaster business names next to police logos on the pole-mounted camera boxes that sport a blue police light that flashes 24 hours a day.

1 thought on “Little Brother is watching you. Courtesy of…”

  1. Ok, in an unabashed quest to sell my wares, I invite the Flint police to contact me.. I sell this stuff. Interesting… I had not heard of this project however. The state of security, particularly in video surveillance is becoming quite advanced. This must have been a project of a developer/seller like myself who was able to offer a solution to Flint’s needs..