Just words, though some of them are blatant falsehoods

He is not even a member of that committee.

Barack Obama apparently lives in some alternate Universe where everything he approves of, or which might be immediately politically expedient, happens because of Him.

Think about it. This lie is so easily detected that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have dreamed of telling it. The only explanations are that a) Obama slips into alternate reality at such times, where the Senate Banking Committee actually is his committee, or b) he thinks we will believe it just because he says it. The common denominator is: It’s true because he says it.

Barack Obama is one scary guy. If he’s really going to have face to face unconditional talks with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, an expert in dealing with megalomania must be present at all times. Without that, who knows, they might both leave the meeting with an apocalyptic vision that they’re Al Gore.

1 thought on “Just words, though some of them are blatant falsehoods”

  1. Wow… lolMy mother is going to vote for this guy because my son is in the army.. She thinks he will bring home all our troops immediately..Umm Mom? if you are watching.. Tomorrow he talks about getting a fourth star as a General..Fantasy land..