How can you be in two places at once

…when you’re not anywhere at all?

If you’re buying Obama’s latest ad, Ralph Spoilsport has a car for you.

Is there nothing Obama can’t do? He doesn’t even need to be physically present in the Senate to vote. Or at least to claim credit for voting.

…Mr. Obama, in his first national TV ad rolled out Friday, claims credit for having “extended health care for wounded troops,” citing the 2008 defense authorization. That bill passed 91-3 – but Mr. Obama was one of only six senators who didn’t show up to vote. This brazen claim underscores the candidate’s thin résumé and, again, his chutzpah.

The man is amazing. I’m sure his presidency will be good for the Small Animal Administration. Where is the Firesign Theater when you need them, anyway?

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