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So much for Time magazine’s “Al-Sadr Wins Another Round” story. (TOC yesterday.)

We haven’t stopped killing the Mahdi Army thugs and Sadr’s been shown not even to have control within his own supposed sphere.

Shi’ite gunmen in Baghdad slum ignore truce

An agreement aimed at ending fighting in the Baghdad bastion of Iraqi Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr appeared on the verge of collapse on Tuesday after gunmen attacked U.S. troops.

The deal between the ruling Shi’ite alliance and Sadr’s opposition movement in parliament to end fighting in the Sadr City slum district was formally signed on Monday.

But with the ink barely dry on the 16-point pact, clashes flared overnight and through Tuesday, raising questions over how much control the anti-American cleric has over some of the Mehdi Army militiamen who profess allegiance to him.