Don’t be evil

…is Google’s corporate motto, so you can trust them, right?

A question you’ll need to consider is whether you want to trust them to store all your health information in their databases. They’re calling this service “Google Health.”

They promise not to release any of your information except in “certain limited circumstances.”

7. How does Google Health protect the privacy of my health information?

You should know two main things up front:

1. We will never sell your personal health information or data
2. We will not share your health data with individuals or third parties unless you explicitly tell us to do so or except in certain limited circumstances described in our privacy policy.

This is the same Google described here:

After a Google user posted a profane picture of the Hindu saint Shivaji, Indian authorities contacted Google to ask for his IP address. Google complied. He was arrested and is reported to have been beaten by a lathi and asked to use the same bowl to eat and to use in the toilet. Not surprisingly, Google is a keen to play this down as Yahoo is being hauled over the coals by US Congress for handing over an IP addresses and emails to the Chinese Government which resulted in a Chinese democracy activist being jailed.

Think I’ll pass on this Google Health thing, thanks.