Who’s bitter?

“But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth.” -James 3:14

Obama Allies Avoid Trying to Explain Most Controversial Part of His Remarks

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The well-heeled San Francisco Democrats Obama addressed on Friday stand to pay much higher taxes if he is elected. Many of them no doubt back Obama because they like his liberal positions on subjects like guns, abortion and same-sex marriage. If you think Obama criticized their priorities, we’ve got some change you can believe in. In Barack Obama’s America, rich people who vote on cultural issues rather than economic self-interest are principled and self-sacrificing. People of more modest means who do so are credulous and bitter.

Obama’s friends, mentors and most importantly, his wife, are proponents of this world view:

This country is “just downright mean,” we are “guided by fear,” “we’re a nation of cynics, sloths, and complacents.” “We have become a nation of struggling folks who are barely making it every day.” “Folks are just jammed up, and it’s gotten worse over my lifetime. And, doggone it, I’m young. Forty-four!”

“For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country, and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.”

Where does this person live who thinks things have gotten progressively worse in the last 44 years? In America, the most charitable and upwardly mobile country in the world.

Those are the words of Michelle Obama. Who, by the way, is paid over $300,000 a year by the University of Chicago Medical Center. Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard, her husband’s a United States Senator. To paraphrase Tom McGuire, if the Obamas were white they’d be John and Elizabeth Edwards. Two Americas, indeed. Cynics, sloths, complacents and complainants are the natural constituency of the Edwama message.

The Obamas’ joint message is that “If you’re not fundamentally unhappy with the United States, you’re stupid.” In the general election, Barack will be called upon to disown his own wife’s rhetoric.

Better he is never, ever given the chance to defend it. Better that he is never, ever anywhere near the administrative branch.