"Straight Talk" gone MAD!

Apparently, John McCain is not immune to fits of saying-what-he-actually-believes condescension. As reported by The Nose on Your Face, he is unable to resist criticizing Liberals of the San Francisco persuasion: McCain Comes Under Fire For “Bitter” Comments:

“You go into these big cities in California, and, like a lot of big cities along both coasts of this great nation, you’ve got a multitude of Starbucks baristas with Ph.D’s in philosophy who can’t understand why the world doesn’t conform to their utopian vision,” said McCain. “So it’s not surprising that at a time when their country is the world’s sole superpower, using its military to fight a just war against Islamic terrorism, and its citizenry is renewing their faith in Christianity, they get bitter and cling to hopeless causes like partial-birth abortion, multi-culturalism, and the rehabilitation of serial killers.”

Oh, the civility!!! Where has it gone? Who will end this just downright mean, guided by fear, national nightmare of cynical, Bosnian verbal sniping at our leaders?

Can’t we all just get along? Hillary? Barack? John? One word: Kumbaya.

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