Jeremiah Wright’s favorite white Canadian

From Little Green Footballs: Al Jazeera’s Avi Lewis Pushes Antisemitic Conspiracies. There’s video.

Avi Lewis
is the son of Stephen Lewis, former head of the Ontario socialist party, and grandson of the former head of Canada’s socialist party, David Lewis. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

TOC last noticed Avi Lewis when Ayaan Hirsa Ali was making him look stupid on his Canadian Broadcarping Castration show in 2007. Here and here.

Didn’t know he’d gone to work for Al Jazeera, but it is not a surprise. Al Jazeera allows him to get as closely in touch with his natural inclinations and habitat as his courage permits.

Appropriate to learn of this, I guess, on the day we find out Dhimmi Carter is going to meet, in Syria, with the terrorist thugs of Hamas. But, then, Carter’s been a Hamas admirer for some time. He has that in common with Lewis.

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