Dear Anonymous commenter,

Your comment on my post of April 9th has been deleted, as you might expect when anonymously posting ad hominem attacks citing my “twisted deranged “logic”” without bothering to actually cite any.

“Racist chicken hawk” simply sealed the deal. However, do not think that I didn’t appreciate the irony of an anonymous commenter calling me a “chicken hawk.”

As to that trope, you have confused an objection to involuntary servitude, combined with an unwillingness to participate in a war being run with no intent to win – with believing the United States to be an “imperialist” state. Your premise and your memory are both faulty. The root of this error, I suspect, is your conflation of Vietnam and Iraq filtered through time and your own world-view.

On your charge of racism, I am uncertain as to its origin, since you again fail to provide evidence. It is very obvious to you, though, and I’ll guess there’s a clue based on the post upon which you attempted to comment. However, since that post excoriated Jeremiah Wright, a self-proclaimed racist and anti-semite, and Avi Lewis, an apologist for anti-semites (at the least), I have to assume you’re not entirely sure of the meaning of the word. Perhaps the Ontario Human Rights Commission could sort it out for you.

Try thinking of it this way: 1- Vietnam and Iraq are entirely different. 2- I’m not preaching violence and hatred. That’s Avi and Jeremiah’s schtick.

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