Barack Obama and his retired pastor, Jeremiah Wright, have been telling us that inflammatory excerpts from the Reverend Wright’s sermons are not being fairly presented. That is, they are not being presented in context.

Fair enough. That context can be examined by reading, or listening to, more of the Reverend’s sermons. Hugh Hewitt and Fox News have provided text and audio surrounding some of the Reverend’s more infamous hyberbole. In fairness to Reverend Wright and as a public service, TOC provides the following links so that you may expand your own contextual understanding:

Providing Context For Reverend Wright: The New Audio Of His Sermons

Sermon Video Presents Obama’s Former Pastor in His Own Words

YMMV, but I do find the context illuminating, if not in the way Obama and Wright suggest. The more I learn of Obama’s mentor’s thinking, the more I think Wright’s anti-American, racist credentials are validated. The fact they both think more exposure to Wright demonstrates his reasonableness is an even bigger problem than the bigotry. Do they think we’ll agree with them, or that we’re just stupid?

If you take your young daughters to hear the Reverend, it’s probably the former.