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Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff on Barack and Geraldine: Sacked for stating the obvious

…I think we can agree that it was politically unwise for Ferraro to have made these comments. On the other hand, they are true at several levels. For one thing, if Obama were white, he would not be capturing 80 to 90 percent of the African-American vote in Democratic primaries against a candidate towards whom African-Americans previously were quite well disposed. And without that general level of black support, Obama would be winning many fewer delegates.

In addition, it’s highly unlikely that Obama’s trademark statements about coming together as a nation — the ones that drive the crowds wild — would have much resonance coming from him were it were not for his race. Obama is a left-wing Democrat with no special claim as a healer of “what divides us as a nation” other than his racial status. (For more about how that status, and Obama’s very clever use of it, has turned Obama into an icon, please consult Shelby Steele and his book on Obama, A Bound Man). The country is, indeed, “caught up in the concept.”

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Even ABC News is now hearing about what Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. has been saying for 20 years: Obama’s Pastor: God Damn America, U.S. to Blame for 9/11

Well, isn’t that what Michelle Obama has been implying with her “America is just mean” – “it’s the first time I’ve been proud of my country” – “you people don’t have a chance against The Man” diatribes? Shilling us softly with our wrongs, she is the anti-hope. It’s not hard to draw a line back to her church as a reason for this.

Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. – From the horse’s mouth: Wright on film

I said it’s about choice – The pig can get up and walk awayso I appreciate this thought from Roger L. Simon: March 13, 2008: Barack has some explaining to do

As we all know, we don’t choose our family, but Obama chose this racist demagogue as his pastor for decades.

Indeed he did.

If insert Republican candidate name here‘s pastor had said anything like this, do you think iRcnh would get a pass?