There are 3 kinds of women

I read a lot of comics when I was younger. A lot. My Dad owned a drugstore, and when I worked on Saturdays as a stock boy and soda jerk any downtime was spent reading the comics he sold. I liked Superman, The Flash, Batman, Fantastic Four… Green Lantern was my favorite, which I am sure reveals some psychological quirk or other.

On the distaff side, I liked Wonder Woman. I always thought she had great, err… gadgets. Among other items, a transparent jet fighter (which she could invoke at will), the Bracelets of the Aegis, a magic tiara and the Lasso of Truth.

The Lasso of Truth is also the name of a blog I like, and I present an example of why that’s the case. This post features a Playboy magazine cover in which a model is dressed, well painted, as Wonder Woman. That’s good. The better part is the discussion of super-heroines and feminism.

Read the whole thing, here’s a teaser:

…There are 3 kinds of women — those who trade on their sexuality when it is all they have to offer; those who bemoan and decry their sexuality because they fear they have nothing better to offer; and those who accept it as part of who they are because they know it is not all they have to offer.

P.S., don’t neglect clicking on the pinup.

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