Michigan Primary

This is not an endorsement, it’s the title of the linked article.

Mitt Romney Goes for the Gold in Michigan

…There may be a surprise on the Democratic side as well. Although Hillary Clinton’s major opponents (Obama, Edwards) are not on the ballot, she may be in trouble anyway. Outgoing state Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer, is actively and openly working against Clinton. Brewer is an Edwards supporter, Anuzis says, and will not run for reelection as state party chairman. Brewer is encouraging voters to vote ‘uncommitted’ if they support any candidate other than Clinton. If ‘uncommitted’ wins more than 15% of the vote in any congressional district, an ‘uncommitted’ i.e. non-Clinton delegate will be sent to the National Convention. If Michigan polls are accurate, the anti-Hillary vote is strong in the state.

Mark Brewer and big labor in South East Michigan wanted Edwards as the Democrat nominee, and this is why the Democrats in the Michigan House didn’t force candidates to leave their names on the ballot as did Florida.

John Edwards would have benefited most from the possibility of caucuses instead of a primary. Second best is to claim it wasn’t his fault he lost and hope for Michigan’s Democratic Party Chairman to promote the “uncommitted vote.”

Democrats in Michigan upset with their ballot choices have only their own party and its leaders to blame.