Jumping to Jay Grodner’s defense

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PLEASE NOTE: The text below in bold is what other people said in Grodner’s defense. This post refutes those defenses. If you can’t figure this out, reading the other posts above may help.


I’ve just skimmed through the 259 (and counting) comments on that Chicago Tribune story noted this morning. It is a fascinating demonstration of what the left means when they say they support the troops. The following bold text summarizes exceptions and or rationalizations which illuminate the limit of that support.

1- Sgt McNulty was a rich commodities trader and owner of a new BMW. He deserves little sympathy.

  • In fact, Sgt McNulty had been a commodities trader prior to 9/11. I do not know if he was, or is, rich. Neither do those excusing vandalism because he might be.
  • Wealthy or not, he quit his job to join the Marine Corps after it was quite apparent there would be fighting to do. One might even think more of him because he gave up a lucrative job in one’s defense. If one could read and were rational.
  • It was a 2002 BMW that he kept in pristine shape. I suppose that counts as new to the reality-based.

2- Sgt McNulty deserved to have his car keyed because backing down a one way street is infuriating and illegal. That is, Jay Grodner did not key the car because of antipathy toward the military. He was merely reacting to Sgt McNulty’s heinous crime by delivering “street justice.”

  • I find the idea of an officer of the court delivering street justice a less than robust defense. Perhaps it’s different for victims of Bush Derangement Syndrome.
  • I suspect that someone who keys a car with Marine vanity plates from rear bumper to rear bumper – by way of the grill – and then screams “[Blank] you! Just because you’re in the military you don’t run the roost!”, has not been making regular contributions to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. I think his motivation was probably not pedestrian-rage.
  • Backing up on a one way street is not illegal in Illinois:

Limitations on backing. (a) The driver of a vehicle shall not back the same unless such movement can be made with safety and without interfering with other traffic. (b) The driver of a vehicle shall not back the same upon any shoulder or roadway of any controlled-access highway.

3- If Sgt McNulty had not been a Marine, this story would have never appeared. It’s silly right wing-nut hyperventilating.

In response, one must ask Grodner’s defenders if they would be as sanguine had Sgt McNulty keyed Jay Grodner’s car and then shouted, “Just because you’re an f***ing Yid, you don’t get to rule the roost!”? If that mental picture is too weak, how about if a Marine had keyed the car of a illegal alien whose car sported a rainbow decal, called the person a gay wetback, and then claimed he could get away with it because he was a Marine?

Grodner’s defenders (especially those who can’t tell “is” from “was” and “new” from “used”) need to come up with some other reasons Jay Grodner was justified in keying a car, making charges of racism, apparently trying to commit insurance fraud and generally using his privileged position to avoid responsibility for his vandalism.

Or they could just acknowledge that Grodner is, at least on this occasion, an out of control anti-military jerk – instead of rallying to his defense by blaming the victim.

9 thoughts on “Jumping to Jay Grodner’s defense”

  1. Hershblogger you’re and IDIOT.I invite you or Grodner to come an key my car. I will even pay for you gas to get here. I was a Marine Sgt, and I am surpised he left the car with his teeth intact.

  2. ripperfox,Perhaps you did not understand my post. Maybe you just read the title?Try checking out the whole thing, one sentence at a time, and you’ll see I’m saying the people who are defending Grodner are disingenuous creeps. You could check several other posts saying Grodner is an asshole on TOC as confirmation of this interpretation.If, after actually reading my post, you don’t understand that I share your disgust with Grodner – then you are an idiot.

  3. Say what you want. as a retired Marine if he had keyed my car we would probably be reading about his obituary. If you are so damn stupid to defend his actions, why don’t you come pay me a visit and I will loan you my keys to use if you feel like keying my car. You are the idiot and I would make the assumption that you are a real pussy, not willing to defend the freedom you take for granted. some real men paid for that freedom with their life and you the pussy sit back and take it for free. sounds like a thief to me. go somewhere else lowlife.

  4. Gunny,I’m not defending Grodner. I despise him. I guess my post was just not written very well.Further name calling, however, is not going to make it past moderation. Especially since the premise it’s based on is 180 degrees out of phase.That is, you’re just dead wrong when you claim I’m defending Grodner. I’m showing why his defenders are morons.

  5. Johnston – Corporal USMC ’65-’69, 2 1/2 years in-country. This was handled just as it should have been, and as Marines we should all take pride in the fact that nobody over-reacted and put a stain on the Corps by beating his carcass to a pulp. I firmly support his desire to move to France where he will find (in my experience) that they have a fondness for US Marines and a lower level of tolerance for his form of protest.

  6. Thanks for this, I appreciate your post and your support of our Marines. I’m checking back on this a year after its completion just to see if there were any updates. I’m waiting for something along the lines of “Ex-Lawyer Regrets Actions, Cuts off Penis”

  7. Anonymous,I had a Google alert turned on about “Jay Grodner” and “Jay R Grodner” up until late last year. It stopped reporting anything around November.Last I heard he may have left Illinois and the practice of law, but I have no details or real confirmation.That would be a nice headline.

  8. As a former Marine Corporal, I'm a little embarrased by the first two comments coming from the Gunny and the Sergeant. Attention to details, gents!