Free speech in Canada, an insider’s view

Rex Murphy, Quotidian Instructor of Canadian Punctured Pretentiousness, writes in the Globe and Mail:

Coming to a human rights commission near youOur esteemed human rights commissions are so busy these days, it worries me.

The number of these gimlet-eyed scrutineers is, after all, finite.

There is, therefore, only a limited store of intellectual energy and moral fervour for them to call upon. In a brutish world, righteousness is not inexhaustible; virtue, like oil, has its peak moments and, with their current agenda, Canada’s HRCs may run out of fuel.

Alberta’s Human Rights Commission, one of the keenest, a noble avatar of those old censor boards that used to guard public libraries from “steamy” literature and “brazen” language, is trying to contain – I think that is the only proper verb here – Ezra Levant. …


The dangers of censor exhaustion are not to be taken lightly.

H/T Dust My Broom