Corporatis Blatantensis

Subspecies: Congressionalus Autocharitus

TOC provided a definition of corporatism here.

Democracy Project points out another a fine example. RTWT for several links and excerpts from the WaPo story.

Both through shoddy products and overpriced ones that may nudge out more valuable defense spending, earmarks place our troops and our national security at risk.

…Today’s Washington Post runs a front-pager on Congressman John Murtha’s favorite charity, his reelection via earmarks to his district, “Millions in Earmarks Purchase Little of Use.” The focus is The National Defense Center for Environmental Excellence, in Murtha’s Johnstown, PA, affiliated with Murtha’s other creation Concurrent Technologies. Read the article for details, and read the Wall Street Journal’s more detailed expose, “MURTHA INC.: How Lawmaker Rebuilt Hometown on Earmarks.”

John Murtha is a character straight out of an Ayn Rand novel. He is hardly alone among elected officials.