Corporate looter

Some fat-cat Republican getting farm subsidies, ethanol grants, steel tariffs and a federal bailout from sub-prime mortgage mistakes? Not at all. All that’s legal corporate welfare, and it’s bi-partisan. This example is simply theft, with the added benefit of distorting a market; increasing health care costs for everyone.

Read the whole thing, but here’s a teaser (link added in case you want to know what to boycott):

We know Jon Stryker funds everything from the Michigan regressisphere to the Democrats take-over of the State House to radical and militant gay-special-rights groups to Governor Granholm’s reelection campaign (who did donate all that partners for progress money, anyways?) and the Michigan Democrat Party and we all assumed that it was family money he’d inherited or made through his company, Kalamazoo based Styker Corporation.

What we didn’t know until this morning was that at least $16.6 million worth of that campaign cash was generated by stealing from American seniors with failing health. That according to a settlement between Jon Stryker and the Justice Department.

Exploiting government is the natural tendency of corporatists. They are members of both the Democrat and Republican parties. Stryker’s case is notable because it is unusually blatant, extraordinarily hypocritical, and entirely consistent with his publicly expressed looter philosophy. The common thread is that legal or not, it’s all done with your money.

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