Good news

Nineteen percent of registered Democrats think it would be a Good Thing were the United States to be defeated in Iraq. More precisely, that means they think the United States should be defeated by the Democrats in Congress, since an actual military defeat is inconceivable.

An additional twenty percent of Democrats say they don’t know if an Al-Qaeda victory would be Good, or Not.

However you slice this, nineteen percent would seem to be the irreducible proportion of Democrats who can unequivocally be described by any reasonable observer as unpatriotic. I’d say some of the “I don’t know” Democrats could be added to that, but let us just agree to add half of them to a super-set labeled “Naively, or otherwise, dangerous to themselves and other members of Western Civilization.” That’s twenty-nine percent of Democrats, in all.

Five percent of Republicans and seven percent of Independents also hope for a US defeat in Iraq. Eight and seventeen percent, respectively, are not sure whether they are on Al-Qaeda’s side, or what could putatively be called their own.

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I thought – because of Bush Derangement Syndrome – that it would be more like thirty-three percent of Democrats actively rooting for Osama bin-Laden. The good news is that the total of those Democrats you could perfectly reasonably call treasonous is only twenty-nine percent, and it could, charitably, be as low as nineteen percent. Further, the total of voters of all persuasions who desire a victory by Al-Qaeda in Iraq is just thirty-one percent. Given the large ongoing doses of multi-culturalist induced guilt about, and disdain for, Judeo-Christian traditions, it could have been much worse.

In the tradition of Lord Haw-Haw, these doughty individuals are at least willing to consider giving aid and comfort to a sworn and active enemy of the United States. You have to think some of those wishing for an Al-Qaeda victory are aware of that context – yet they freely reveal an arguably treasonous attitude to a pollster. This may be a demonstration of a freedom of speech and of consciousness unprecedented in human history, despite BusHitler and his minions. It may simply be a case-study in the stupidity of some potential voters. It may be a combination. In any case, it is what we have.

So, the total of Americans registered to vote who support Al-Qaeda is thirty-one percent. This is the definitely unpatriotic segment. However, fifty-three and a half percent constitute the “dangerous to Western Civilization” contingent.

Contemplate the current conventional wisdom giving some Democrat or other the best chance of being our next President.

Sleep well.